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Jerudong Park Polo Club

One does not normally equate polo with Asia, nor with a tropical climate, but this is the nature of Brunei – it holds many delightful surprises! His Majesty The Sultan of Brunei is an enthusiastic and accomplished player, known for his precise skill on the field.

The demands of State allow little time to play, but it is not uncommon for visiting clubs, foreign dignitaries or other members of the Royal Family to join him on one of the three magnificent fields in this park. All are maintained to the highest standard; featuring the best drainage technology to cope with natural tropical deluges, and flood lights to allow night play!

An extensive network of stables, accommodate a superb collection of horses, which would be the envy of any horse enthusiast! Up to a thousand horses can be catered for, ensuring a fresh supply of horses, required for a challenging game of polo can always be met.

Each field has its own Grandstand, from which VIP’s, distinguished visitors and members of the Royal Family, can observe the game in air conditioned comfort, luxurious surroundings filled with beautiful artwork and personal memorabilia. A tour through these Grandstands is a must, to truly experience the lifestyle from the unique perspective of Bruneian Royalty and the closest the discerning tourist could come to this type of experience. Imagine seeing the inner sanctum of a place usually reserved for royalty!

The elegant clubhouse reflects its exclusive clientele through its luxurious décor, collection of equestrian art, personal photos and range of personalized facilities. The restaurant serves an array of culinary delights through an a la carte menu presenting international cuisine or through sumptuous themed buffets.

It is the perfect opportunity for the connoisseur to sample Bruneian fare - assured of outstanding quality and presentation, by a team of internationally experienced chefs. The regal ambience, excellent food and service is famed and requested regularly, by Foreign Embassies and local corporations holding private functions!

The magnificent Banquet Hall is the "gem" of the clubhouse and not to be missed! This little seen Hall can be likened to the grand ballrooms found in Stately European homes. Its breath taking beauty delights with a pastel blue, lemon and white colour scheme; contrasted by solid Italian black marble pillars standing like two colonnades of silent sentries - each bearing a large black and gold sceptre lamp – facing each other along either side of the Hall. The scene is punctuated by bursts of gold and splashes of red.

The focal point of the room is the exquisite Austrian crystal chandelier that appears to sparkle with reflected natural light and at night, glistens like a galaxy of floating diamonds suspended in mid air! Despite the "European" grandeur and ambience, on closer inspection, the intricate detail, delightfully incorporates a unique fusion of local cultural motifs, royal insignia and the equestrian theme!

Other features of the Polo Club include: a four lane AMF computerized bowling alley, a covered pool – featuring a sunken bar and a magnificent pavilion providing shelter from the tropical sun; a fully computerized gym where your workout can be tracked and given a personal analysis; two full size squash courts (where Jahangir Khan has played!); a full sized Riley billiard table in a parlour that would rival any championship venue; a "Chip n’Putt", 8 hole golf course; and a private beach!  

Polo Club facilites are available for international visitors in Brunei. The venues are available for corporate meetings and functions, club restaurant dining, and recreational activities.  Intrepid's Royal Experience tours include the facilities and services.


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