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Sail & Powerboat Training

IntrepidYACHTING conducts theory and practical courses in recreational and commercial small-craft qualifications - power and sail - for individuals or families, and also for boating staff working with tourism resorts and dive operators. 

Our training programmes are conducted under the worldwide International Yacht Training scheme of courses for crews, helms and skippers of engine or sail powered recreational vessels.

Because IYT training includes elements of commercial shipping training and competency, this certification receives the most worldwide recognition by maritime authorities.

IYT courses provide a progressive learning and development pathway of training, certification and sea-time experience for owners, crew and helms of recreational powerboats and sailing yachts. The courses are an excellent method to learn the safe and competent operation of engine and sail powered recreational vessels. Courses caver a wide range of skills and knowledge suitable for beginners, people planning coastal and regional cruising, and those ready to take on a circumnavigation. 


Life-long job opportunities:

Recreational training courses completed with IntrepidYACHTING under the IYT scheme can be the start of a journey into life-long boating related employment, starting with small boats in tourism resorts or dive centres, to higher level commercial standard certification and jobs in the rapidly expanding world of privately owned yachts and superyachts.

IYT graduates can advance along a pathway of further training and sea-time, to IYT's commercial standard qualifications in order to take well-paid jobs as crew or skippers on larger private and recreation oriented motor and sailing yachts - such as live-aboard dive and surf charter vessels - through to commercial deck crew or master of super yachts.  IYT even offers a catering course for super yacht crews.


Capable and safe recreational boating and cruising:

For private boating and vacation charters, IYT certification obtained from IntrepidYACHTING is also recognised around the world by yacht charter businesses, insurance companies, other IYT training centres, and maritime authorities.

Learn about navigation, boat handling, sailing, safety equipment, passage planning, radio operation and safety procedures.  Have fun exploring the islands of Brunei Bay and adjacent coastlines while you learn and develop your skills. Visit Keraman Island, Pulau Tiga, Labuan, Kota Kinabalu. 

Family & friends fun with life-long recreational skills.

Our IYT courses are a great way to begin family based boating and sailing. Apart from the fun and enjoyment of recreational boating - especially here in the tropical waters and benign operating conditions of NW Borneo -  the development of sailing and boating skills creates positive attitudes about responsibility, self-discipline and concern for others.

Our Introduction to Yachting/International Crew course has a minimum age of 14. The Small Powerboat & RIB and Flotilla Skipper courses have a minimum age of 16. The Bareboat Skipper and Powerboat Master courses have a minimum age of 18.  Teenagers can learn, grow and take on real family based responsibilities as part of the fun of family and friends boating.

Sailing and boating are life-long recreations with various forms and adaptations. Competitive sailing, powerboat racing, vacation yacht charters, fishing trips, snorkelling/diving, camping on a deserted island/beach and recreational cruising by sail or power, are all about enjoying fun and relaxation with family and friends.  IntrepidYACHTING's sail and powerboat ourses are designed to open the doors to this lifetime recreation.


IntrepidYACHTING provides training and certification in the following IYT sail or motor yacht and powerboat qualifications:

         Introduction and International Crew (Sail)
         International Watchkeeper/Flotilla Skipper (Sail & Power)
         International Bareboat Skipper (Sail & Power)

         Small Powerboat and RIB Master
         Powerboat Master
         VHF Radio Communications
         Dive-boat Deck Crew
         Dive-boat Skipper
         IYT/PADI - Dive-boat Mate
         IYT/PADI - Dive-boat Master 

Enclosed waterways adjacent to the Brunei River provide a safe and sheltered training ground for developing initial skills in sailing yachts, powerboats and motor yachts.

The open waters of Brunei Bay and coastal areas are the venue for more advanced seamanship, boat handling and navigation tasks required for open water training and certification.

Islands and harbours in Brunei Bay give a range of approach and anchorage tasks, as well as pleasant overnight venues, either on board or ashore. Calm mornings can be used to swim, explore ashore, and prepare the next passage plan.

Families can enjoy the training too, sailing and relaxing together, while one or more parents practice their skills under the guidance of IntrepidYACHTING instructor. 

Our Yachtmaster Instructor is qualified to teach the relevant
courses, examine participants and authorise certification.

 IYT training and certification is recognised by more maritime authorities around the world than any other recreational marine training scheme. This is because of the emphasis on quality instruction, consistent standards at IYT training centres around the world, along with the centralised system of certification, identity verification and record keeping. 

All course participants now register directly on the IYT website where they have access to their record of courses and certification.  This makes taking courses in other IYT centres easy, and ensures that attained courses and certification can be readily verified by charter operators, maritime authorities, PADI dive centres etc.

The IYT certification confirmed by your IntrepidYACHTING instructor, will be acknowledged by issue of a credit-card style license from the IYT central office in Canada. Your qualification can be verified by the central office, from anywhere in the world.

IYT courses conducted by IntrepidYACHTING  are a great way to enjoy our tropical seas, 25C water temperature, coastal islands and  shore excursions. And learn lifelong recreational skills which can be used anywhere in the world. Whether you are into fishing, sailing, power-boating or  diving, the skills learned from  IntrepidYACHTING will help you, your family and friends safely enjoy their recreational boating lifestyle anywhere in the world.


Coastal passages to attractive venues in Brunei Bay and along the coast of Brunei and Sabah help to accumulate sea  time and practice boat handling, passage planning and pilotage skills for Watchkeepr/Flotilla Skipper and Bareboat Skipper course participants.  

For Sailing enthusiasts:

Our International Crew course is designed to introduce people to basic sailing skills while having fun on a yacht. This is a 5 day programme of theory and practical training, including three days aboard a yacht, and at least 1 night aboard; anchored in a sheltered area. This qualification suits new sailors who plan to undertake short day sailing passages in protected areas on yachts up to 12m LOA.

Our Watchkeeper/Flotilla Skipper course is ideal as a first step into understanding the safe and enjoyable operation of small yachts for people who have either considerable previous sailing experience (eg on sailing dinghies), or have completed the IYT International Crew course and some subsequent seatime.  This qualification suits sailors who plan to cruise unfamiliar coastal and inshore areas in company with others, with chartered or privately owned yachts up to 18m LOA.

Our Bareboat Skipper course is ideal for those people planning to cruise beyond their familiar home sailing region and potentially on yachts with which they are not familiar. It is especially relevant for people planning to rent a charter yacht - power or sail - to cruise and explore in some of the world's attractive sailing vacation destinations. The course extends the participants' knowledge of navigation, safe boat handling, crew management and adapting to a new vessel. 

These IYT  qualifications can help reduce charter yacht insurance charges, and expand the area where charter companies will allow  their vessels to be taken.  The courses build skills, knowledge and confidence and are especially useful for people who wish to get into yacht sailing as a family-and-friends recreational and vacation activity.

For Diving Enthusiasts:

Our PADI/IYT Diveboat Mate and Diveboat Master courses are designed to equip divers (with minimum PADI Divermaster qyalification) with the skills to safely operate a Dive-boat to support diving operations.  Conducted in tandem with a local PADI dive centre, these courses give divers (with minimum Divemaster qualification) the knowledge and skills about boating safety gear, EPIRBs, radio procedures, passage planning, boat seaworthiness, safety equipment and basic pilotage techniques to competently operate a dive-boat.

Our  IYT Diveboat Deck Crew and IYT Diveboat Skipper courses have been specially developed to provide capable boat drivers  with the knowledge and skills to competently operate a dive-boat as a reliable resource and support platform for Dive Masters and Dive Instructors working with their clients.  This course combines theory about boating safety equipment and use, internationally recognised boat handling and management skills, and practical evaluation. It is especially suited to local boatmen looking to work in a PADI dive centre.

For Powerboat Enthusiasts:

Our Small Powerboat and RIB Master course is ideal for people planning to take family-and-friends boating in protected waterways - such as lakes and rivers - or for operating the tender on larger vessels. This course has also proven useful for resort staff operating boats to transfer guests.  The course includes theory lessons and practical powerboat experience.

Our Powerboat Skipper course is designed for those planning longer range powerboat cruising in coastal areas. The course covers many of the essential safety related information - including a thorough understanding of safety related equipment, boat shapes and handling characteristics - along with essential navigation and pilotage techniques, boat handling and coastal passage making skills. The course combines theory and practical experience, with a few days/nights on-board to learn the routines and skills of safety managing a power vessel for fun family-and-friends recreation.

These two courses are especially useful for new powerboat owners taking advantage of the favourable boating conditions and day or overnight, or multi-day trip options to islands, towns, jungle rivers and resorts  along the west coast of Borneo. 

Brunei Bay's pleasant conditions have enticed many people to take up recreational boating. The great weather, gentle seas and warm water are ideal for weekend trips to explore locations around the bay, for fishing, or to spend the night at Labuan or Keraman Islands. 


IntrepidYACHTING craft include an 11 metre yacht equipped to Category One safety standard, a six metre aluminium power boat,  and a nine metre aluminium power catamaran.

Get qualified- so you and your family can safely enjoy all the boating opportunities in NW Borneo


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