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Brunei Hotel - Brunei

  Central Bandar Seri Begawan
          Brunei Darussalam

Visitor & Business

  - from Bn$106 room night  
  - central location amongst BSB shops,
     banks, cafe, attractions, etc
  - 10 min drive to government offices
  - 10 min drive to sports complex  
  - 10 to 15 minute drive to airport

For Reservations, Information & Enquiries - Brunei Hotel
Email Us: mail (at)

or contact our Bandar Seri Begawan office in Brunei

Phn: +673 2 221685   Fax: +673 2 221687

Our discount room prices for a multi-night stay at Brunei Hotel in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam, include free WiFi internet in rooms, all taxes & service charges, and breakfasts.  Discounts on room and tour prices.

Earn discounts on our popular Brunei tours booked with two or more nights at Brunei Hotel. 

Brunei Hotel is conveniently located in the centre of Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam,  where it gives easy access to the business district of commercial houses, banks and airline offices, plus numerous shops, local cafes, trendy coffee shops, restaurants, and Yayasan shopping complex, with it's department store, specialty shops and food court.  Also to nearby visitor attractions such as the local markets (Tamu), water village, SOAS Mosque and Royal Regalia.

Brunei Hotel is located within the main shopping/business CBD of Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. 

NOTE:  Brunei Hotel was completely renovated and re-opened in February 2011. 

Brunei Hotel new exterior

Our discount room prices at Brunei Hotel, in Brunei Darussalam, include:
Standard, Deluxe, Executive and Family rooms
Buffet breakfast - Asian and Western foods
    - Complimentary WiFi in rooms, lobby & dining area.
      -  All taxes & service charges included.  


     Superior room - 1 x queen bed or 2 x single beds

                            - add fold out bed for 3rd guest (a few rooms)

Standard Single Double Triple
One night Bn$118 Bn$118 Bn$163
Multi-night Bn$106 Bn$106 Bn$151

    Deluxe room
- 1 x king bed
                            - more spacious room with more furniture etc
                            - for 2 x guests only - no extra bed space

Deluxe Single Double Triple
One night Bn$131 Bn$131 N/A
Multi-night Bn$117 Bn$117 N/A

   Executive room
- 1 x king bed or 2 x single beds
                             - large room with sofa set & other amenities

                             - add 2 x fold out beds for up to 4 guests

 Executive 1 guest 2 x guests 3 x guests 4x guests
One night Bn$166 Bn$166 Bn$211 Bn$256
Multi-night Bn$150 Bn$150 Bn$195 Bn$240

   Junior Suite
- 1 x king bed
                         - sitting area & other amenities

                         - for 2 x guests only - no extra bed

 Executive 1 guest 2 x guests 3 x guests
One night Bn$203 Bn$203 N/A
Multi-night Bn$183 Bn$183 N/A



   Family room - 2 x queen beds
                        - sitting area and amenities
                        - add 1 x fold out bed for up to 5 guests

 Family 1 or 2 guests 3 x guests 4 x guests 5 x guests
One night Bn$253 Bn$253 Bn$253 Bn$308
Multi-night Bn$227 Bn$227 Bn$227 Bn$277


1. Complimentary internet access via Wi-Fi in rooms, lobby & restaurant.

2. We provide private airport-hotel-airport transfers with Brunei Hotel bookings. Cheaper and more reliable than taxi. Please email us for details.

Local Advice from Local People

Because we are based in Brunei we can provide accurate

information, advice and assistance for

 business and vacation visitors.

Discount Tour Prices
5% discount on our Brunei tour prices when tours are booked
 in conjunction with two or more nights at
Brunei Hotel
and payment is received at least 1 week before arrival. 

When comparing hotel room prices

Does it include breakfast?

Are service charges and taxes extra?

What standard of room are you really getting?

 What currency? All our prices are in local Brunei $

Brunei and Singapore currencies are linked & identical value

Brunei & Singapore notes are used in shops & banks in both countries

E-mail us for reservations and enquiries:
mail (at)

Brunei Hotel -  at the heart of Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei:

Situated in the centre of the Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam, where it is convenient for business and vacation visitors.

The scenic waterfront, shops, local market (Tamu), night food stalls,  major shopping complexes and department stores are only a short walk away.



The extra bonus at Brunei Hotel is the warmth, hospitality and friendliness of the trained and experienced staff in this popular three star property frequented by business and tourist visitors.  

Free WiFi internet access in rooms and the ground floor lobby and restaurant areas.

Brunei Hotel has the location, room quality and essential services. An ideal venue for value conscious travelers looking for quality accommodation in the right location but without the expense of additional services - gym, spa etc - in the hotel. 

E-mail us for reservations and enquiries:
mail (at)

Lobby area  Receptionist area

All guest rooms and suites are
complete with private bathroom,
individual air-cond, satellite TV,
colour television, IDD phones, 
mini-bar, coffee/tea making 
facilities, in-room safe, WiFi and
 multi-channel music.

Facilities include:
 - 24 hour room service
 - Business services
 - Function rooms
 - Free WiFi


Updated 25/3/17 - prices valid to 31/3/18

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For accommodation in hotels, resorts, national parks, islands,
 home-stays, longhouse, rainforests or cities in
Brunei, Sabah & Sarawak: 

Email Us: mail (at)

Please let us know your contact details, expected date of arrival and departure and preferred hotel

For instant messaging and free PC to PC Skype calls to our office,
add Skype contact:  Intrepid-Inquiry or Intrepid-Sales


Licensed Tour Operator - KPSU/TDD/2002/27 TO

A member of the: 
Association of Travel Agents, Brunei (ATAB)
and the
Outdoor Recreation Industry Council of Australia



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