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Brunei Darussalam Yachting Association

The Brunei Darussalam Yachting Association is Brunei's official representative at the International Sailing Federation.

The BDYA is recognised by the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports in Brunei Darussalam as the National body responsible for recreational (engine and sail powered) yachting.


Dato Paduka Hj Danial bin Hj Hanafiah, then Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, presenting trophies in the BDYA's Singapore to Brunei yacht race.

The coastal waters of Brunei, and Brunei Bay, provide numerous opportunities for boating based recreational pursuits such as fishing, sailing, diving, and motor cruising. The waters are warm, the weather hot and the seas generally calm.

Rama Rama, Klaus Lineau's J 130 moving quickly away from Singapore following the start of the 1997 Brunei Challenge.


The BDYA has also established a National Training Scheme (for engine and sail powered recreation vessels) based upon the Royal Yachting Association and Australian Yachting Federation curriculums, with adjustments for local conditions.

This training scheme aims to promote competence and safety in the handling of engine and sail powered recreational vessels. Certificates issued under this scheme are recognised by recreational boating organisations and Yachting Associations around the world.

The BDYAs President, Hj Idris bn Hj Abas, encourages all yachtsmen, whether power or sail, to take advantage of the BDYA services, advisory equipment lists, safe operating procedures, and training schemes to make their boating experiences safe and fun for  family and guests.

The BDYA also provides IRC handicap applications and renewals for racing yachts.  


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Brunei Darussalam Yachting Association 

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