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HF/SSB radio email and voice services

HF/SSB Radio Services

BRUNEI BAY RADIO provides Limited Coast Station services via HF/SSB radio for  small-craft in SE Asia, the North West Pacific, and Indian Oceans.

The service area extends in a roughly 4000nm radius from BRUNEI BAY RADIO's base, located at approximately 5 degrees North, and 115 degrees East. 

This region includes the main west to east yacht circumnavigation routes, from the Solomon Islands in the east, across the top of Australia, through SE Asia, to the Arabian Sea in the west. And from northern Japan, to the SW coast of Australia.  


Passage races occur regularly around the South China Sea and along the Straits of Malacca. Many events welcome cruising yachts.

Yacht rallies include Sail Indonesia - from Darwin through the Indonesian Archipelago to Singapore, Sail Malaysia in Peninsula Malaysia and Borneo, and the BIMP-EAGA Yacht Rally - Manado to Brunei via Sabah and Palawan.  

Increasing interest in marine recreation and tourism throughout SE Asia involves many pristine but isolated dive sites, sports fishing destinations, islands and yacht cruising areas. BRUNEI BAY RADIO's HF/SSB services are designed to assist individual boat  owners, clubs and activity based tour operators to safely enjoy these areas.

BRUNEI BAY RADIO operates the regional gateway of the not-for-profit SailMail Association, a world-wide network of HF/SSB radio e-mail transfer stations. This is a low cost e-mail service designed particularly for cruising yachts. An annual SailMail Association membership fee is the only cost; there are no connection or data transfer charges.

BRUNEI BAY RADIO also provides HF/SSB radio voice services. These include free-to-air daily broadcasts of SE Asian marine weather, and Maritime Safety Information (MSI) warnings. 

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's HF/SSB Radio services for Sports Fishing and Motor Cruising extend way beyond mobile phone range.

BRUNEI BAY RADIO provides special communication schedules and yacht position logging for passage races and yacht rallies in the region. These can be automated using e-mail and YOTREPS, or manual, via a voice operator. 


Using BRUNEI BAY RADIO's email or voice services, it's possible to order spare parts, update family, notify position, receive weather charts, weather forecasts, MSI warnings and organise crew changes.   

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's HF/SSB e-mail service provides up to 40 minutes connection time per day, plus the ability to transfer files such as word processing, photos, pdf etc. This makes ordering parts, arranging crew, booking flights, doing correspondence courses, and contacting family easy and reliable. This BBRemail service suits families, live-aboard dive or surf charter boats, fishing trawlers and other small commercial vessels. 

Data transmission will normally get through when voice communication is difficult. This means our HF/SSB email subscribers can reliably receive comprehensive weather and other safety, operational and passage planning information. These modern radio email services have overcome the loss of low-cost marine weather and safety information for small-craft which occurred following the introduction of satellite GMDSS services for larger vessels.  

Contact us about email service subscriptions, voice services or special events needs.

Note:  Small-Craft are defined as vessels under 300 tonnes. Such vessels are  not required (under International Maritime Regulations) to carry expensive GMDSS satellite (INMARSAT) equipment to receive weather and MSI information. Nor are they required to fit special GMDSS (DSC) equipped HF/SSB radios for regular or emergency communications.

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