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HF/SSB radio email services

Islands, jungle, mountains and communities

provides HF/SSB radio email services for isolated islands, jungle resorts, mountain work camps, remote schools, sustainable environment projects and isolated communities.

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's land service area in SE Asia - including BIMP-EAGA and the Coral Triangle - is blessed with some of the most picturesque and unspoiled destinations in the world. But the same remoteness that makes these venues so attractive, also imposes communication problems that make development and operations difficult; especially for low-budget and community-based initiatives.  

BBRemail is especially valuable to help streamline logistical and organisational aspects of SME operation in isolated areas where normal email capabilities are not available, unreliable and/or expensive.

BBRemail allows new projects to get underway immediately, without waiting months or years for expensive terrestrial communication systems to be established.

Because BBRemail is low-cost to setup and operate, it is especially useful for land based recreation, sustainable environment and tourism related projects. Construction projects, schools, remote communities, isolated SMEs and temporary work camps all benefit from the service.

BBRemail makes it possible to undertake community-based ecotourism, SME development and sustainable environment projects in locations where the lack of reasonably priced email communications normally stops them.

Remote island resorts use BBRemail to economically process bookings, arrange supplies, co-ordinate staff and manage connecting transport.

Of particular importance for community-based ecotourism initiatives - identified by the BIMP-EAGA Business Council as the principal focus for poverty alleviation in the region - is low-cost email communication to receive and respond to inquiries from regional or international travel agents, or potential guests. Without email - the essential modern, fast and cost cutting communication method that links the tourism industry - these projects cannot tap into the tourism income stream.

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's HF/SSB email service addresses these difficulties without excessive cost. Individuals, communities and SMEs can utilise our HF/SSB radio email service to manage bookings, enhance safety, co-ordinate transport and order supplies.  


Isolated activities, base camps, lodges and island
venues  can use
BBRemail to make their
business work safely and efficiently.


BRUNEI BAY RADIO's economical HF/SSB radio email service facilitates  a variety of sustainable environment developments built around traditional communities and lifestyles. It overcomes the limitations of isolation that also make these many locations on islands, in the mountains and rainforests so attractive and rewarding as venues for international visitors:

1. Community based ecotourism programmes.

2. Environmental survey and monitoring projects.

3. Distance education & correspondence courses. 

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