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HF/SSB radio email services

HF/SSB radio email for distance education

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's HF/SSB radio email service area includes some of the most populous areas of SE Asia.

Many rural communities still live in remote jungles, offshore islands and mountainous regions where terrestrial communication services, internet or email access is unavailable, unreliable or too expensive (eg: via satellite) for communities to afford. 

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's HF/SSB radio email service provides truly low-cost and reliable email that can connect remote work camps, communities, tourism and environmental projects to the international email network so people can access the vast array of distance learning courses available. These vary from short vocational programmes to diplomas, higher diplomas, bachelor and masters degrees.

Many courses are suitable for the needs of people in remote communities. Some institutions offering distance learning provide their courses in languages apart from English, and have multi-language teachers, tutors and lecturers available.

The easily transportable BBRemail subscriber terminal is simply a radio, a special radio modem and a wire antenna suspended from trees or a simple pole. The software to create and read emails, and control the radio/modem, can be run on a low-specification (eg: used) notebook. Power for the entire system can be from a 12v car battery charged by solar panel, micro-hydro, wind generator, and/or occasional diesel generator operation.

Once the radio/modem/antenna is in place, it's possible for multiple separate subscribers - each with a unique email address - to connect their separate notebooks to send/receive their emails. These separate subscribers could be students in a school, adults doing studies in the evening, community teachers expanding their knowledge and skills, or staff at tourist resorts, mines and work camps.

By providing educational opportunities, young people who are part of traditional communities may obtain worthwhile jobs in the community. That means these young people are more likely to stay in the community and that has benefits for preservation of the community, the local environment and the community's traditions. 

When located in a remote community or worksite, the BBRemail subscriber terminal can also be used for: 

1. Multiple separate community-based businesses for their SME related communications.

2. Sustainable environment, not-for-profit, organisation staff and volunteers to communicate with regional offices and international supporters regarding matters relevant to project management, environmental surveys etc. 

3. Communication in the case of natural disaster or other emergency situation, such as a ferry sinking, bus accident etc. 

4. Communication with distant hospitals and medical services to obtain advice or to arrange evacuation.




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