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HF/SSB radio services

HF (SSB) radio services for cruising yachts in SE Asia, North West Pacific and Indian Oceans.


BRUNEI BAY RADIO's HF/SSB radio email and voice services help broaden the range of accessible cruising experiences by providing reliable and truly low-cost, on-board, email communication throughout SE Asia, the NW Pacific and Indian Ocean. And a schedule of free-to-air voice broadcasts of weather and Maritime Safety Information warnings.

These services facilitate cruising by linking yachts to weather and safety information, and providing convenient email communication to manage organisational arrangements, book tours, order spare parts, arrange a marina berth, organise a haul-out or check anchorage waypoints; either during long passages, or when tucked away in a secluded anchorage.

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's HF/SSB radio email services give access to

  • GRIB weather charts, coastal weather and METAREA forecasts

  • Position reporting, contacting friends, relatives & the office

  • Correspondence courses for children and adults

  • Ordering spare parts delivery to the next port

  • Co-ordinating arrival of family and friends

  • Booking marina berths, haul-out and tradesmen

  • Arranging shore travel, airflights, tours & accommodation

  • Contact a local community guide for wildlife photography

To benefit from
BRUNEI BAY RADIO's services, be sure you have a functional HF/SSB marine radio - pre-programmed with all the emergency and ITU marine channels/frequencies - so you can participate in self-help networks with other cruisers, and so you can utilise SailMail and/or BBRemail to reliably receive important weather and related safety information.

is located in Brunei, on the NW coast of Borneo, at the geographic centre of SE Asia. Brunei is not on the tectonic plate fault lines and does not have volcanoes. It is well protected from the potential consequences of natural disasters - such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, tropical storms.

Brunei's local internet networks and connections to the rest of the world have proven extremely reliable since 2001 when BRUNEI BAY RADIO began operations. Three separate undersea cables and a satellite link provide redundancy to Bruneiís internet service, to help guarantee a reliable flow of emails between our HF/SSB radio email base and the rest of the world. 

Since 2001, Brunei's internet services have proven reliable despite natural disasters (tsunamis and earthquakes), ships dragging anchors over undersea communication cables, and other events which have severed or seriously crippled phone, internet and email services in most other countries in the  region; including all of Australia's Bigpond subscribers for a week.

Our HF/SSB radio email services cover SE Asia, the NW Pacific and Indian Oceans, including the north and west coasts of Australia, from the Solomons & Vanuatu in the east, to Chagos,  the Seychelles, Mauritius and the Arabian Sea in the west, Japan in the north and Perth in the south. 

HF/SSB radio voice services support yacht cruising in SE Asia - especially BIMP-EAGA - with:

  • Position reporting and contact skeds for yachts on passage and exploring isolated areas.

  • Contact skeds and information broadcasts for yachts on organised events, rallies etc.

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's HF/SSB radio email services support yacht cruising in SE Asia, NW Pacific, eastern/northern Indian Ocean, west and north coast of Australia - including BIMP-EAGA - with:

  • Dependable 24/7 email connection via 12 data frequencies

  • Auto email of METAREA and local coastal forecasts

  • Auto email of GRIB weather charts with wind speed/direction, rain areas, wave height and isobar details up to ten days ahead.

  • SailMail - low-cost HF/SSB radio email & weather for yachts

  • BBRemail - low-cost HF/SSB radio email with attachments

BRUNEI BAY RADIO also has available cruising notes for a number of attractive yet uncrowded cruising regions and routes. These include:

  • West coast of Borneo

  • West coast of Palawan

  • East coast of Palawan

  • Southern Philippines

  • NW Borneo-Sulawesi-Ambon/Timor-Darwin

  • NW Borneo-Sulawesi-Sorong-Jayapura-New Ireland

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's HF/SSB email services provide reliable email  communications to the world far from the tranquillity of isolated anchorages and beyond the empty ocean when long-distance passage making. 

The special radio email software - AirMail, which manages radio frequency control and email transfers - also contains a catalogue of selection lists for free weather forecast products (eg: METAREA forecasts, local coastal forecasts, and GRIB weather charts with predictions up to ten days in advance), and handles email writing, reading and storage.

provides two HF/SSB radio email services for cruising and racing yachts operating within our service area -

SailMail: The international standard for dependable message management, weather information and truly low-cost on-board email via HF/SSB radio.  This worldwide SailMail network has nineteen linked stations for seamless message transfer, anywhere in the world.  SailMail emails  can be sent/received via the HF/SSB radio, or via the internet when at Wi-Fi equipped marinas or anchorages.

The SailMail service includes twelve minutes daily connection time per yacht, smart on-board software - with lists of weather reports to request, a convenient GRIB chart selector, monitoring of shore email accounts, mail-merge feature to update hundreds of friends with one email message and easy YotReps position reporting - plus a strong reputation for dependable system-wide message management.

SailMail is THE choice for cost-effective on-board email messaging and essential cruising support services for circumnavigating yachts; anywhere in the world.

BBRemail is our extended HF/SSB radio email service that provides longer daily connection time (ie: 20, 30 or 40 mins per day) and the ability to send and receive small attachments (eg: pdf, jpg, spreadsheet, word processing documents etc).  It is available in our service area of SE Asia, the NW Pacific and northern/eastern Indian Ocean.

It uses the same software and hardware as SailMail. A BBRemail  subscription can operate within the same copy of AirMail software (on-board message writing/reading, address list, connection management, message compression etc) that manages a SailMail subscription, giving a choice of which service to "post" the created email, and one location to store all emails, addresses etc.

BBRemail is especially suited to cruisers who wish to cruise beyond the marinas and built-up areas of SE Asia, to beaches, islands and coasts where normal communications services are limited or non-existent, and where the cost of cruising is much lower. 

It's also useful for cruisers participating in regional rallies or regattas, where keeping in touch with event organisers is critical as yachts spread out over vast areas.  This is especially so in isolated areas of BIMP-EAGA, where cruisers can enjoy traditional cultural experiences, amazing natural heritage, and low-cost living, without crowded anchorages and profiteering shore services.

It also provides additional connection time and attachment capability to assist extended cruising in our service region, but also facilitate updating websites and blogs, and real-world contact for those cruisers who still need to manage a business, real-estate or other investments to support their cruising lifestyle in this region.

BBRemail is particularly useful for cruising families with children - or adults - studying distance learning courses.  It frees up these families from a cruising route through high-cost commercialised areas, seeking out Wi-Fi equipped marinas and town internet cafes.

To help cruisers explore and enjoy our service area, BRUNEI BAY RADIO offers existing SailMail subscribers a supplementary BBRemail subscription for a discount price, to extend their daily connection time and increase their cruising in the low-cost, less commercialised areas where traditional lifestyles and spectacular natural heritage are still plentiful. Use the inquiry link (below) to contact us for details. 

Other useful service from BRUNEI BAY RADIO:

Duty Free import of boat parts to Brunei: If you need to ship in replacement parts and equipment, we can help to handle the shipment arrival arrangements and storage until you arrive.  Email us for details of the correct procedure for importing boat parts duty free into Brunei.

Liferafts and tenders: Need a new one?  We order in quantity direct from the manufacturers, so give us your order in advance for pickup when you are here in Brunei. Amazing prices.

Liferafts to ISAF standards with ISO certificate and a worldwide service network. These are made by a respected manufacturer of ship and oil & gas platform liferafts. 

Inflatable tenders made from hypalon and other materials, in a variety of popular designs. This manufacturer makes for the big brand names.

Excellent prices when you order in advance with 50% pre-payment. Use the inquiries form (below) to email for more details.


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