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HF/SSB radio email services

HF/SSB radio email for isolated communities

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's HF/SSB radio email service area includes some of the world's most significant ecological assets and biological diversity, including the Coral Triangle and the Heart of Borneo. 

Many traditional communities still live in these areas. Their close ties with the land, the sea, reefs, streams, wildlife and cultivation that sustains them has - for generations - developed environmental knowledge and understanding that modern science is only beginning to explore. Preserving these traditional cultures, their knowledge and their heritage is increasingly identified as a vital resource to protect the region's environment and it's ability to support human life.

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's HF/SSB radio email service provides truly low-cost and reliable email that can connect remote communities so they will benefit from selected developments, and so they can generate income to purchase facilities and provide lifestyle options to their community. If these traditional communities can be sustained, then fewer young people will move to the cities, and that will in turn help the transfer and retention of traditional knowledge and practices to subsequent generations. 

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's HF/SSB radio email service can be quickly deployed to link isolated communities on islands, coasts and mountains with:

1. Regional travel organisers, suppliers and clients.

2. Sustainable environment organisations and consultants.

3. Distance education services to lean new techniques to manage their SMEs. sustain their families and preserve their communities.

The easily transportable BBRemail subscriber terminal (radio, radio modem and antenna) can be quickly deployed to immediately address important email communication requirements, without waiting for land based communication infrastructure projects, and without the high cost and technological complexity of commercial satellite systems.  

The software to create and read emails, and control the radio/modem, can be run on a low-specification (eg: used) notebook. Power for the entire system can be from a 12v car battery charged by solar panel, micro-hydro, wind generator, and/or occasional diesel generator operation.

Once the radio/modem/antenna is in place, it's possible for multiple separate subscribers - each with a unique email address - to connect their separate notebooks to send/receive their emails. This presents numerous opportunities:

1. Multiple separate community based businesses can share the one BBRemail terminal (ie: radio/modem/antenna) for their separate business  communication needs.

2. Sustainable environment, not-for-profit, organisation staff and volunteers can communicate with regional offices and international supporters regarding matters relevant to project management, environmental surveys etc using the same BBRemail terminal in the community.

3. Community members can use the BBRemail terminal to undertake correspondence courses in subjects such as adventure tourism, accounting health sciences, and business skills; to help ensure the financial sustainability and safe operations of their community based SMEs. 

4. Medical advice and requests for medical assistance or evacuation can be quickly transferred. 

5. Dependable communication in the event of natural disasters, or incidents such as a ferry sinking, to summon assistance, or for the community and its resources to become part of a co-ordinated response to such incidents.



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