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HF/SSB radio email and voice services 


BRUNEI BAY RADIO operates a Limited Coast Station providing HF/SSB radio voice and email services, for recreation, tourism and commercial vessels.  

BRUNEI BAY RADIO also operates a Land Mobile Service providing HF/SSB radio voice and email services, for recreation, tourism, conservation, worksites and remote communities. 

The assigned call-sign is V8V2222. 

BRUNEI BAY RADIO is located at the geographic centre of South East Asia, at approximately 5 degrees North and 115 degrees East.  This central position facilitates an effective HF/SSB radio coverage throughout this rapidly developing region where isolated islands, coral reefs, and forest areas are the venue for conservation projects, cruising yachts, exploration, adventure activities and traditional communities.  

Our maritime service area includes SE Asia, the North West Pacific and Eastern/Central Indian Oceans.  Small-craft off the north and west coasts of Australia, around Japan, the Mariana and Caroline islands of the NW Pacific, Papua New Guinea/Irian Jaya, the Solomons, plus the Indian Ocean islands - Andaman/Nicobar,  Cocos-Keeling, Christmas, Maldives, Chagos, Sri Lanka and Seychelles - have access to our services.

Marine HF/SSB radio users include racing and cruising yachts, motor yachts, sports fishing boats, dive boats, surf and dive charter vessels  charter power or sail yachts, government (eg: fisheries and marine parks) and commercial small-craft, such as fishing trawlers, tugs, oil & gas support vessels etc.

Our remote land services support isolated communities, islands, conservation projects, schools, clinics and government operations throughout the service area.

In the BIMP-EAGA region. Our HF/SSB radio email services support the poverty alleviation and sustainable environment goals of the BIMP-EAGA Business Council's focus on Community-based ecotourism which was developed at their October 2008 conference on Community-based ecotourism in Manado, Sulawesi.

Land based users are located in isolated jungle, mountains, coasts and islands. Recreational and tourism related activities include white water rafting and canoeing, eco-adventure events, 4WD touring, live-aboard surf and dive charter boats, scuba-diving, wildlife exploration, jungle expeditions, educational activities and expeditions. 


BRUNEI BAY RADIO provides low-cost HF/SSB radio voice and email services for cruising and racing yachts throughout the service area.  The HF/SSB radio used for general and safety communication is also used for email.

Passage logging and position reporting services are available for organised events, such as yacht races and regattas, sports fishing competitions and remote dive or land based expeditions.

Conservation and environmental management organisations use our HF/SSB email service - BBRemail - to organise their operations and transfer research data.

Distance learning for adults and children on yachts, in remote communities or aboard commercial vessels is supported by our BBRemail service.

Community based eco-tourism for remote communities - on islands and inland forests - is part of our focus to create income streams to help preserve the cultural and natural heritage of the region.

BRUNEI BAY RADIO operates the regional gateway for the worldwide, not-for-profit, SailMail network. This provides low-cost HF/SSB radio email for cruising yachts and motor yachts.

BRUNEI BAY RADIO's marine HF/SSB radio voice services include a regular broadcast schedule of Maritime Safety Information (MSI) warnings and local marine weather forecasts for SE Asia. Also position reporting (including YOTREPS) and  message passing for members.

Marine users need only an official HF/SSB maritime radio license and call-sign. This is assigned by the radio communications authority in the vessel's country of registration. Most countries require at least one person (eg: owner/skipper) to hold a Limited Radio Operator's certificate before issuing  the vessel radio licence and call-sign.  The Limited Radio Operator's certificate normally involves studying a small handbook containing basic radio operating techniques, and detailed information on maritime safety related communications.

Land based users require a HF/SSB radio licence issued by the  communications authority in their country where the equipment is operated.

An Amateur Radio Operators licence/call-sign is not required to use BRUNEI BAY RADIO services.

For details on specific BRUNEI BAY RADIO services, please select from the index list.

BRUNEI BAY RADIO provides  HF/SSB radio email and voice services for remote land based recreation, conservation, and distance learning. 


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